The name Surround was chosen to reflect the philosophy that we create the world around us; that humans have an inherent drive to surround themselves with quality, comfort, and delight.

We strive to create buildings that reflect and build upon their settings, their locations, and their history. We bring this ethic to all of our local, regional, national and international projects

We believe in a user focused design: buildings that can accommodate the distinct demo/psycho/graphic of the users.  We accomplish this by research and building user profiles for design. We are also pragmatic, and client oriented. We believe a sound business model is critical for any design proposal, and develop an economic basis for every design.

As a firm, we work hard to not limit ourselves to one type of design.  Surround’s work has been in all realms of development.  We have worked in residential, commercial, and industrial architecture. The firm has worked in creating designs for retail, golf resorts, and even fire departments. It is important to Surround to keep our creativity free to work in any and all realms of architecture. 

We are very visual (surprise!), and we develop our projects through 3-D models and sketches to visualize the space and form.



Mark VanderZanden is both the founder of Surround as well as creative director. His broad design experiences include retail, entertainment, residential developments, and corporate campuses and environments.  He has also completed award winning urban design projects in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA.  His client list includes work for Nike, the Portland Trailblazers, the Sacramento Kings, Hugo Boss, Superstar, and Paul Allen.  He designed Autobistro, a quick-serve food concept prototype for Gordon Balker, co-founder of Starbucks coffee.  He has worked on projects in Germany, England, China, New Zealand, and across the US.  Mark designed interior spaces for Paul Allen's Experience Music Project in Seattle, WA and a traveling brand experience project for ESPN.  He has won numerous American Institute of Architects design awards, and his work has been published in periodicals such as Architecture, Interiors, Visual Merchandising and Store Design, Elle Décor, New York Times, as well as noted in several books.



150 SW Harrison Street, Suite 100

Portland, OR 97201

(503) 224-6484